Engine Rebuild

2000 911 Porsche Carrera Engine Rebuild

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We rebuilt the entire engine of this 2000 Porsche Carrera.

It was a lot of work, but now this car is ready to fly.

Our engine rebuild included:

  •  new piston rings,
  • crank/big end bearings,
  • new hydraulics for both heads, and
  • new gaskets & seals.

Here are the details, we:

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stripped the engine to its bare components;

put the engine through a high pressure cleansing wash to remove all carbon deposits and debris from previous failures;

checked the cylinder bores for cracks and other signs of wear (some cylinders needed re-sleeving);

checked the pistons and changed the rings;

checked and re-honed the connecting rods;

checked the crankshaft;

replaced the main and big end bearing shells;

replaced the oil pump;.

  • stripped down the cylinder heads and checked for cracks, wear and trueness. They were then pressure tested and face machined;
  • machined the valve seats and checked and replaced __ valve guides;

re-cut replaced or refaced valves (as needed);

Leak-tested the head;

checked camshafts for wear;

checked IMS (intermediate shaft bearing) for any play; and

re-assembled the engine with new gaskets and seals etc.

If you are a Carrera or Boxter lover, come by so we can talk about your future project.

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Porsche IMS Bearing Problem


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Problems with Carerra  IMS Bearing One of the weaknesses with the M96/M97 Carerra engine identified in recent years by Porsche has been the (IMS (intermediate shaft) bearing, which supports the intermediate shaft on the flywheel end of the motor. When the bearing wears out, the timing chains on the engine may disengage, and the engine will quickly self-destruct. When the bearing does begin to deteriorate, foreign object debris from the bearing circulates throughout the engine, causing damage to other areas in the engine.

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This appears to be one of the most common failure mechanisms present with both the Boxster and 911 Carrera engine. There are several warning signs. When you first start your car, you may hear a loud rattling noise that goes away after about 10 seconds or so. When you accelerate, you may also hear this noise too. This noise is the sound of the chains or the bearing rattling around in the engine because the bearing has deteriorated the engine is soon on its way to skipping a tooth on the sprocket and costing you thousands of dollars. If you have the car up on a lift, you can listen carefully and you should be able to isolate the noise to the area of the IMS.

Signs of a failing IMS bearing can also be found by inspecting the oil filter. Shiny metallic debris from the balls used within the bearing itself may travel through the oil system and become trapped in the oil filter as well as small bits of black plastic from the seal on the bearing. During a routine clutch job, you can also simply remove the IMS cover and take a closer look at the bearing itself (lock and check the camshafts prior to removing the cover). If the center shaft is wobbly (see video), or the center of the bearing doesn’t spin freely, then it’s probably on its way to failure. Luckily, there are a few solutions available.

First, change your oil every 5,000 miles or sooner and use a higher viscosity motor oil that has additional anti-wear additives. Use Porsche approved 5w40 viscosity motor oils, preferably one that carries an API SJ-SL rating. Also consider using an oil with more anti-wear additives (like Zn, P, or moly extreme). Recent regulatory changes in the United States have caused oil companies to revise their formulations of oil and reduce the amount of anti-wear components in them. The reasoning behind this is the belief that these components contribute to premature deterioration of the catalytic converters. The solution to this problem is to make sure that you run motor oil with the proper anti-wear formulations and change your oil often.

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