Engine Rebuild

2000 911 Porsche Carrera Engine Rebuild

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We rebuilt the entire engine of this 2000 Porsche Carrera.

It was a lot of work, but now this car is ready to fly.

Our engine rebuild included:

  •  new piston rings,
  • crank/big end bearings,
  • new hydraulics for both heads, and
  • new gaskets & seals.

Here are the details, we:

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stripped the engine to its bare components;

put the engine through a high pressure cleansing wash to remove all carbon deposits and debris from previous failures;

checked the cylinder bores for cracks and other signs of wear (some cylinders needed re-sleeving);

checked the pistons and changed the rings;

checked and re-honed the connecting rods;

checked the crankshaft;

replaced the main and big end bearing shells;

replaced the oil pump;.

  • stripped down the cylinder heads and checked for cracks, wear and trueness. They were then pressure tested and face machined;
  • machined the valve seats and checked and replaced __ valve guides;

re-cut replaced or refaced valves (as needed);

Leak-tested the head;

checked camshafts for wear;

checked IMS (intermediate shaft bearing) for any play; and

re-assembled the engine with new gaskets and seals etc.

If you are a Carrera or Boxter lover, come by so we can talk about your future project.

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